• Dogs Are The Perfect Pets

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    When it comes to dogs as awesome pets - There's a lot of reasons to believe the hype. Firstly, they are the best companions for humans because they actually like us and respect us. A dog loves its owner so much that it becomes a real state of events when your pet dog jumps up to welcome you as you fly in the front door after a hard day's work. Who doesn't like that level of adoration? We certainly love dogs in our house. But which dogs make for the best pets in your opinion?


    Pugs Do Of Course!

    Yeah our personal preference when it comes to which dogs are the best animals to keep as pets is of course the pug. The pug originates in China and was a popular pet dog among the rich and upper class people as well as the Royal family too. So why do we think pugs make for the best pets? It's simple to us really - They love their owners with a real kind of passion. The kind of passion that means that pug owners can sometimes love their dogs more than they love other people. This is true - It's a blatant fact in and around a large number of states in the USA. But where do you stand on such a fact? Is it right that we should love our pets more than we love our close family members? Or is it that pug owners who treat themselves to pug gifts such as a funny pug mug and in particular, a funny design such as the starpugs coffee mug etc. will want to express their love to their pugs as much as that.


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